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Interested in selling on Amazon ‘Merch (or even selling online in general?)  Wonder what all the rules, regulations, pros and cons are? Do you understand Copyright or Trademarks terminology or restrictions?  Wonder how to even begin in this adventure whether on Amazon or another site?  Are you a current seller looking for advice?  Perhaps you also wonder about how to track your inventory, sales, royalties, costs and taxes?  Want to maximize sales and cut costs?

Whatever questions you have, there may be a answer here on the Merchalytics blog.

But who are we and why do we have your answers?                   

Well, Merchalytics is the love child blog designed by Chris Keef and Todd Snively, the co-founders of EComm Elite.  There they are (———-> smiling after a meeting with the Amazon peeps.  Never heard of them?  That’s OK, but what is important is that they are the real deal when it comes to making money selling products online, especially on Amazon.  They have been successfully (as in, they have made some money!) selling online for many years and are using their experience to help others be successful as well.

Amazon ‘Merch is fairly new territory and is changing rapidly as more and more people get interested in finding their niche!  So, if selling on Amazon ‘Merch (or online in general) interests you, sit back and take a gander at some of the blog posts already here.

Not interested in Merch, but perhaps you are an Etsy or Shopify entrepreneur – NO PROBLEM!  Our advice should fit the bill for all of your needs too!

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